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Why RightMaid Home Cleaning?

Selecting a home cleaning service in Fairfax or Loudoun is an important choice. You need a local maid service that employs professionals who are good communicators and experts in their trade. When you choose a maid service, we believe that you should match your own values with that of the service provider.

We also believe that you should ask the right questions to protect your family and your home, and that a reputable maid service should have the right answers.

Ten Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Cleaning Services

“Why do I need maid services?”

Do you have a special event coming up? Is the stress of work and family life making tidying up difficult? Are you too busy taking care of young children to maintain simple chores? Everyone has different reasons for needing home cleaning services, and the right maid services can accommodate your home’s needs.

“How often do I need my home to be cleaned?”

Ideally, your home should receive a professional cleaning once a week to biweekly to remove dust, dustmites, dander, and other breathing hazards. Indoor air quality can be a challenge in Ashburn and Sterling, and a local cleaning service can understand your home’s needs better than a generic nationwide service.

“What if I don’t like outcome of the cleaning job?”

Choose a maid service that offers a satisfaction guarantee for the work they perform. This entails either a re-cleaning of the dis satisfactory area or a money-back guarantee.

“Will regular maid service help me/my family with allergy problems? Or will it make it worse?”

Contrary to rumor, regular cleaning will not agitate dust and aggravate you/your family’s allergies. Proper cleaning methods trap dust and remove it from hard to reach places like ceiling fans and on top of bookcases and kitchen appliances. HEPA vacuums are proven to remove airborne allergens and improve the symptoms of allergy sufferers.

“How do I find people I can trust in my home?”

When it comes to your valued home in Northern Virginia, make sure that you choose a maid service that is licensed by the state of Virginia. This proves that they have been approved to operate as a business by the state, allowing you to file official complaints or file charges for theft or damage.

“Do I have to be home when the maid is around? Or can they clean while I’m at work?”

Choose a provider who facilitates communication with you. Tell them what your preferences are, and make arrangements for them to do their job if you can’t be home when they are cleaning.

“Are maids insured if they damage my items or furniture?”

Not all maids are insured. When you select as home cleaning service, ask them if they insure their maids. In the unlikely event that a maid accidentally damages any items in your home, the organization should be insured to cover the replacement or repair of your items.

“What happens if I don’t want the maid to enter my bedroom/home office/etc.?”

It is your responsibility as the homeowner to set boundaries. Communicate with your provider if there are places that you do not want the maid to clean.

“I don’t like chemicals. Can I find out what products are being used in my home?”

If you don’t like harsh chemicals in your home, find out of the provider uses green cleaning solutions. Ask your service provider what they regularly use for mopping, dusting, scouring, and sanitizing.

“I have furniture and drapery that requires special cleaning techniques. Can a maid service handle that?”

Select a maid service that is experienced in cleaning a variety of fabrics and surfaces. Communicate with your local cleaning service in Ashburn or Sterling to verify that the methods they use are compatible with the special items in your home. Create a relationship with them to ensure that you get consistent service for your home’s unique features.

Why You Should Choose RightMaid Home Cleaning

When you ask the right questions, you will find that RightMaid has the right answers. We are a client-oriented business with strong values and the credentials to prove it. Are you ready for us to exceed your expectations?

Call us today so we can show you what it’s like to have excellent home cleaning professionals that you can trust.