Five Benefits of Green Cleaning

Kermit notoriously lamented that, “It ain’t easy being green.” However, as the imperative to “go green” continues to sweep the globe, it’s easier than ever to adopt environmentally gentle practices as part of your lifestyle. One area where eco-conscious living makes particularly smart sense? Green cleaning. Consider these five reasons how using organic and other planet-friendly cleaning products in your home or business can make a significant difference.

1. A Healthy Home or Business

You wouldn’t knowingly expose your kids and pets to toxic chemicals would you? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what many people are doing when they choose to use chemical cleaning products.

In fact, one report from U.S. Poison Control Centers indicates that cleaning products were the cause of nearly 10 percent of the country’s toxic exposures — more than half of these involved children under six. And that’s just from swallows, spills and burns.

Furthermore, when you spray that kitchen cleaner or bathroom disinfectant, you release hazardous materials into the air. While these may be lower in acute toxicity, they can lead to long-term health problems — from asthma to hormone disruption to cancer — when regularly used. Why take the risk when safe, simple ingredients deliver the job without the dangers?

2. Environment Matters

More than seven billion people share this planet. Releasing harmful chemicals into the environment doesn’t just affect you, your family and coworkers, but also the world — and people — around you.

You’ve got the whole world in your hands. So what are you going to do about it?

The switch to greener methods has far-reaching impact — from minimizing ozone depletion to reduction pollution in the world’s waterways.

And most green products are mindfully packages with recyclable materials to minimize waste…and your carbon footprint.

3. Wallet Friendly

Many people mistakenly believe that organic cleaning is more expensive. However, because most organic products occur naturally, they can actually cost less than conventional cleaning products. Not only that, but if saving money is your goal, there are better ways to trim costs than by endangering the people you love and the planet you live on.

4. Employee Relations

If you’re thinking of incorporating green cleaning practices into your business, here’s one more reason to add to the list: employee satisfaction. As people are increasingly aware of the importance of living green, your employees will appreciate knowing that you have adopted environmentally clean methods.

Also, by sparing your employees daily exposure to chemicals, you can actually increase productivity by lowering sick days and even worker’s comp claims, in the case of accidents, such as fires and toxic spills. Your employees are the lifeblood of your business: why risk their health and happiness with non-green practices?

5. They Work!

Everyday life is busier than ever. With so many demands on your time, it’s natural to gravitate to the cleaning products that work best. While your local supermarket or big box store’s aisles are full of brightly colored bottles making big promises, the fact is that harsh chemical cleaners are no more effective than their organic counterparts. They’re more pleasant to be around, too, thanks to natural aromatherapeutic ingredients, such as fragrant and soothing essential oils.

Lemons — and other natural cleaners — do no harm.

If your time is at a premium, the solution is not to reach for the chemicals. Instead, take time to think about what — and who — you bring into your home or office environment. Green cleaning services like RightMaid offer a best-of-both-worlds solution: not only is your home fresh, clean and healthy, but outsourcing the work frees you up to spend your time how you want to spend it.

Green is more than a color; it’s a movement. By saying “no” to chemicals, you can enjoy a living or working space that sparkles — not only because it’s clean, but because of the many beautiful benefits of adopting green cleaning as part of your life in your home and office.

Joanna Hughes uses green cleaning methods in her home to promote the health of her family and the planet.

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