Fall Cleaning Tips

A Few Essential Cleaning Tips for the Fall Season

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Spring isn’t the only time to give your house and garden a good clean. Traditionally, we tend to clean less in the winter months whilst keeping warm and cosy inside.

There’s no denying that fall is a time when we settle in and want to cuddle around the fire or stay comfy on our sofas watching TV with a hot cup of Joe. Yet, with winter looming around the corner, cleaning is often overlooked. Here are our top tips to make your fall cleaning effective and prepare for the cold months ahead.

  • Plan Ahead for Fall Cleaning

It can really pay to plan ahead while the weather is still relatively mild. By keeping an eye on the weather forecast over October and November, it can be easier to spot a weekend when outdoor cleaning is slightly more comfortable.

  •  Complete Crucial Outdoor Cleaning

The leaves are starting to fall, so if your property has an outdoor area, it can start to look a lot different. It can help to plan a few sessions to rake leaves and remove any dead plants to be ready for the winter. It’s also important to clear out the roof gutters. This can be a really big job if you try and do it all at once, so it really helps to rake and clear the garden briefly at regular intervals.

  •   Prepare Your Garden for Winter

If you grow our own produce or have particularly weather sensitive plants, now is the time to bring them in or place your cold frames. By being prepared and doing this now, you’ll avoid a big job of cleaning up after dead produce which will only become more of a problem as the weather over winter worsens. Prevention is of course better than a cure and it’s nice to keep some of the summer plants such as herbs in your home.

  •  Clean the Car and the Garage

Cleaning your car outside and inside and clearing out everything you’ve kept in storage over the summer is not going to seem appealing during the cold December days. Now is the time to tackle those big jobs. You’ll be glad you did when you are well prepared for Thanksgiving and Christmas guests.

  •  Prepare the Kitchen and Chinaware for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Fall can be a time when your friends and family spend more time in the warmth of their own homes, especially when the shock of the weather change arrives. November and December are of course festive times that are spent inviting guests over for food and festivities. That means that fall is the right time to give that kitchen and chinaware the deep clean you’ve been avoiding. It’s worth deep cleaning the oven and doing a thorough hot rinse for the dishwasher and washing machine. Make sure that your plates, glasses, mugs and cutlery are prepared nicely for the upcoming holiday season.

Want to know more about the best fall cleaning techniques for your car, garage, gutters and kitchen appliances? We would love to help you. Just get in touch and we’d be extremely happy to share our expertise with you.

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