Cleaning Services

Maid Services: How Can We Help You?

Your maid services in Virginia should bring your home a new sparkle, even after only one visit. With daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly regular cleaning services, you can improve the health and safety of your home without missing out on the things that really matter. When you clean your home to the finest details, you lose time that you could be spending with your family, friends, or work.

Give us the opportunity to show you what it’s like to come home to a flawless living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom. Enjoy a better quality of life and offload the burden of cleaning your home to professionals who know what they’re doing.

List of Maid Services

From dusting to washing, and everything in between, RightMaid Home Cleaning knows that each room and each item in your home is special. We know the right way to clean every unique item in your home to avoid damage, and with our satisfaction guarantee, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is in capable hands.

Our priority is to bring new life into your home with a clean that is as efficient as it is beautiful. When we give your home its first “deep clean,” we promote better indoor air quality, reduce dust and dander, and kill germs in the places where people contact them most.

Tidy Bedrooms

  • Make beds and change linens.
  • Pick-up and straighten toys, papers, and other clutter.

Spotless Kitchens

  • Clean exterior of kitchen cabinetry and appliances.
  • Clean kitchen table and counters.
  • Sanitize sinks.
  • Empty wastebaskets and remove trash.

Sanitized Bathrooms

  • Scour bathroom tiles.
  • Sanitize toilets, sinks, and bathtubs.
  • Remove soap scum.

Perfect Living Rooms

  • Spot clean walls and fingerprints.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture.

Dust-Free Fixtures

  • Clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, wall hangings, and blinds.
  • Wash baseboards and chair rails.
  • Remove cobwebs.

Specialty Cleaning

  • Clean entryway and French doors
  • Clean sliding doors and tracks.
  • Vacuum and mop floors.
  • Dust furniture and decorative items.
  • Clean mirrors and glass.
  • Sanitize door knobs, hand rails, and light switches.

Which Maid Services Are Right For You?

Every home is unique, and the home cleaning professionals at RightMaid will help you create a cleaning schedule and plan that fits your needs perfectly.

Your accessibility to us is what separates us from our competition. We advocate for direct communication between our clients and our maids and management to create cleaning solutions that are tailored to the requirements of your home and budget. We will never charge for unnecessary services, and our transparency has earned the trust of our valued clients.

Do You Like What You See? Contact Us Today!

We guarantee your satisfaction with our maid services in Fairfax and Loudoun. The building you live in is not just a house, it is your house. Under our care, no baseboard will go unnoticed, no speck of dust will go undusted, and no carpet will go un-vacuumed.

Contact us today to schedule your first home cleaning service.